Working With A Coach

Finding the best coach for you

Most coaches have an area of specialty. They may also have experience in your industry or one you want to get into. Experts in communication skills coaching can be found at

Use Google to search for types of coaches or use the International Coach Federation site for their member list:

Talk with others who’ve had a coach and interview any coach that you are considering.  Most coaches offer a complimentary session to see how you might work together. It’s an important working partnership so ask all the questions you can think of.

How does a Client and Coach partnership work?

An ICF study found that 98.5% of the people who worked with coaches said, “Their investment was well worth the money”.  Your coach is there to help you get better at something you want to do better.  

The Coach:

  • Listens carefully and offer constructive observations
  • Deepens and clarifies your self- awareness in action and thought
  • Encourages new ways of thinking and new methods
  • Highlights the big possibilities
  • Champions your successes, big and small
  • Keeps you on track with your overall goals
  • Follows the code of ethics as determined by the International Coach Federation, including complete confidentiality

The Client:

  • Comes with a goal, even if it needs definition
  • Uses the tools and support provided to assist your success
  • Takes action and responsibility for those actions
  • Is willing to be honest with their coach
  • Commits to this effort and assumes success
  • Keeps in mind this partnership is here for you

Working with a Coach

Coaching is based on respect for the Client’s knowing what they really want.  But not knowing how to go about it, or needing support is in the way of moving ahead. The process is through discovery rather than advice.  Expect  thoroughness, thoughtfulness, and diplomacy. It’s 100% your agenda.

Duration of the Coaching Partnership

This is based entirely on the Client’s goals and can range from four months to several months.  Many Clients also like ‘refresher’ sessions after a period of coaching. You and your Coach can decide a period of time that will bring the best and most satisfactory results for you.


The initial session is face to face if geography allows and is usually two hours. It’s the chance for you and your coach to establish your working partnership, including setting out goals, the things that are important to you, and what you respond well to. You’ll also need to agree on frequency of meeting, appointment time and duration whether it’s in person or by speaking on the phone.  Most common is one hour weekly and at a time that suits both.  There may be actions to be taken between sessions to move the coaching forward.