Program Outline

Four Month Program Outline

Say Anything to Anyone

How will you know when you’re a skilled communicator?

When you no longer dread speaking with people on everyday matters, good and bad – you know. You know when you are confident in your ability to manage situations because you are an expert in preparing yourself and planning where needed, you see the bigger picture, and you can say anything to anyone on the fly with the right words readily available.

Month One

Assessment to pinpoint where the gaps are

Identifying your sticking points

Naming and expanding on your strengths

Why listening is such a powerful tool

The nuts and bolts of what works and why

Month Two

Looking at the big picture and the underlying goal

Side stepping anger, the biggest sinkhole

How words affect your tone, reveal your feelings and why this matters

Rapid recovery once damage is done

Navigate potentially explosive situations and avoid the landmines

Re-assess important areas, progress and impact

Month Three

Critiques – the basics of how to deliver productive critique, where to start and how to finish

The difference between advising and recommending

Saying no, or saying goodbye with a minimum of damage

How to receive a critique, advice, recommendations, being told no, or goodbye

Month Four

A careful look at successes and failures

Re-acquaint yourself with the art of finesse

Why flexing this muscle is the best morale boost you’ll ever find

A plan for you to continue this effort and exercise your mastery

Receive Certificate of Achievement